Disaster Risk Management

vacant - manager


Director: Disaster Risk Management

Mr Richard Lesar

Mr. Richard Lester

Manager: Disaster Risk Management



An informed community, resilient to disasters and their impact.




To build disaster resilient communities and a safe and secure environment through promoting increased awareness of the importance of disaster risk reduction in order to reduce or prevent disasters or their impact on humans and the environment, respond effectively to disasters and implement effective post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation.


Download Disaster Risk Manager's Objectives and Strategies (712 KB)......Read More




Disaster Management Plan (PDF:1.46MB)


Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Annual report pms 2007-2008 financia year (PDF:1.98MB)


Contingency Plan for Xenophobia (PDF:59.4KB)


Disaster Management Act (PDF:199KB)


Strategic Plan (PDF:146KB)


The Disaster Risk Management Policy framework (PDF:273KB)

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